Where in the World is Bryan Ehlers?

Join Bryan Ehlers and his intrepid team on a wild expedition to uncover the legendary Africanus Angel, hidden deep within the uncharted waters of Accra, Ghana. Armed with nothing but snorkels and sheer determination, our fearless crew braved murky depths and tumultuous swells, facing challenges at every turn.

Undeterred by the absence of scuba facilities, he devised a daring plan to navigate the unknown aboard handcrafted wooden canoes, guided by local fishermen. Our journey led us to the remote fishing village of Tema, where the elusive Africanus Angel was rumored to reside.

Seeking permission from the Chief Tribesman of the Ga Adangbe Tribe, guardians of the harbor, was no small feat. But with humble intentions and ancient rituals, we gained their blessing and entered the waters in handmade wooden canoes formed an unbreakable bond with the indigenous people.
Despite the odds, we plunged into the depths, determined to unravel the secrets of the Africanus Angel. Day in and day out, we persevered, shedding pounds and facing obstacles with every stroke of our fins.
After a month of tireless effort, we emerged triumphant, capturing precious samples of the elusive angelfish and documenting our discovery with never before seen footage of Tema. We celebrated not only our victory but the enduring friendships forged along the way.

As we journeyed home knowing our expedition had pushed boundaries and united cultures. From cab drivers like Willie P, who became part of our team, to the Ga Adangbe Tribe, our alliance endures, a testament to the spirit of exploration and the wonders awaiting those who dare to chase their dreams.
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