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An aquarium serves as a portal to a world few of us, landbound beings, will ever experience. It provides a serene setting teeming with marvels beyond our wildest imagination—vibrant colors, exotic creatures, and a rhythm unique to a world suspended in liquid. At Magnificent Aquariums, our goal is to re-create this mesmerizing environment within your home or business.

We collaborate with interior designers and architects to seamlessly integrate your undersea masterpiece with your personal decor. Our commitment extends beyond installation. We provide monthly maintenance services, ensuring a straightforward and stress-free approach to preserving the health and allure of your aquarium. Our qualified service agents handle all essential maintenance tasks to ensure that your aquarium remains a pristine World of Wonders.

Bryan Ehlers - President

Our Experience

As the Project Director and CEO of Magnificent Aquariums, Bryan is not just a visionary leader, but also an expert in assembling a team to craft custom museum-quality aquariums that are nothing short of spectacular. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for marine life, Bryan has elevated the art of aquarium creation to new heights.

Bryan's journey as a leader in the industry has been extraordinary. He has traveled the globe on numerous expeditions, to discover rare and elusive saltwater tropical fish. His adventures have taken him to 37 different countries, including exotic destinations like Madagascar, New Caledonia, Mauritius, and Djibouti in Africa. These expeditions were not just about personal exploration; they were driven by a commitment to excellence and conservation.

Through these remarkable journeys, Bryan has acquired native species of saltwater fish, which he has donated to research facilities for breeding purposes. His dedication to preserving the natural habitats of these fish in the wild is a testament to his unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship.

Bryan's fascination with saltwater fish goes beyond the confines of aquariums. It has allowed him to witness captivating creatures in their natural environments, providing him with an invaluable wealth of knowledge and expertise in animal husbandry. This deep understanding of marine life has played a pivotal role in his ability to procure the most exquisite and healthy marine fish for esteemed institutions such as the Fort Worth Zoo, Discovery Cove, the Georgia Aquarium, and, of course, all of Magnificent Aquariums' clients. As a true trailblazer in the industry, Bryan has skillfully navigated the seas of both creativity and conservation, propelling Magnificent Aquariums to the forefront of creating unrivaled Museum Quality Aquariums. Bryan's commitment to merging artistry with environmental responsibility is a beacon of inspiration for the entire industry. His legacy as a leader in the field of custom aquariums is bound to endure for generations to come.

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