Where in the World is Bryan Ehlers? Aquatic Journey Through the Rainforest!

Buckle up for the adventure of a lifetime with Bryan Ehlers! Starting in the vibrant capital city of Antananarivo, from there Bryan embarked on a wild journey southwest, covering 60 miles of rough terrain in a thrilling 4-hour ride. But when they encountered a raging river without a bridge, it was time for some native ingenuity – using only a trusty stick to gauge the river’s depth! With nerves of steel, they took the plunge, water halfway up the jeep’s door, gripping on for dear life as they powered through! Safe and sound, they reached Morondava, but alas, three days of snorkeling left Bryan empty-handed.

Fear not, adventure-seekers, for Bryan’s quest was far from over! Off to NosyBe, nestled in the north, where after setting up camp and several days of anticipation, the moment finally arrived – scuba time! Into the depths of the Mozambique Channel Bryan dove, and triumphantly, he discovered the elusive fork-tailed clownfish! Ever the marine conservation hero, Bryan donated his rare find to Oceans Reef and Aquariums, ensuring these treasures thrive for generations to come. Who knew saving the seas could be this much fun? If you guessed Madagascar you are a winner!

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