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Luxury Fish Tanks

Luxury Fish Tanks and Custom Aquariums by Magnificent Aquariums.  With over thirty years of experience working with Tropical Fish, we have learned and developed the best techniques to keep luxury fish tanks operating optimally no matter what type of saltwater fish tank you keep.  We have learned the proper techniques to best keep any type of tropical fish in a custom aquarium environment.  Our methods are proven and will help all of your marine life thrive under optimal conditions.

Luxury Fish Tanks

Magnificent Aquariums has gained extensive knowledge over the last 30 years. The founder has a wide-ranging experience in all aspects of marine life and luxury fish tanks.  Bryan Ehlers has spent a majority of his life immersing himself in marine education and majored in Marine Biology at FAU in Boca Raton.  Importing and exporting tropical fish from around the world.  We have actually visited many different exotic locales to physically harvest the tropical fish using environmentally safe collection skills.  Our luxury fish tanks and custom aquariums are found everywhere from private residential homes to world-class aquariums and zoo exhibits.  

Luxury Fish Tanks

  • Custom Aquarium Design

  • Artificial Reef

  • Real Coral

  • Living Reef

  • Shark Lagoon

  • Life Support System

  • Simulated Life

  • Custom Fish Tank Cabinets

  • Fish Tank Maintenance Service


Magnificent Aquariums has established relationships with interior decorators and architects from around the world.  Luxury Fish Tanks are the ultimate centerpiece for a home, business, building or any type of exhibition environment.  Integration of compelling visual aspects is the cornerstone of architecture and interior design, let us help you pick the perfect Luxury Fish Tank and custom aquarium design.  We incorporate the latest state of the art filter

systems which are highly efficient.  Creating a tropical aquatic environment that is low maintenance and unobtrusive with Magnificent Aquariums,

Luxury Fish Tanks will create a peaceful environment. Magnificent Aquariums main objective is to re-create a marine environment where ever you desire.  We do this without impacting your space and can blend our luxury fish tank into a multitude of situations that will bring much joy and pleasure to all who view them. We also offer Aquarium Maintenance Service.



Luxury Fish Tanks

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