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Custom Aquarium Design

Magnificent Aquatics creates custom residential and commercial aquariums throughout Florida and beyond. High-Quality Custom Aquarium Design. Magnificent Aquariums is a leading designer of custom saltwater aquariums for commercial, residential, and professional use. We specialize in larger projects, 500 gallons and up. Magnificent Aquariums works closely with architects, builders, and top designers to create unique tanks and engineering custom aquariums for existing structures.

Our clients can decide the size, type, and shape of their aquariums during a pre-construction consultation. Magnificent Aquariums will provide detailed engineering for clients for approval once they have made their initial decision. Magnificent Aquariums can design custom aquariums. Once approved, Magnificent Aquariums will continue to work with builders and architects to ensure that all water and power support structures are included in the site plans. Magnificent Aquariums works closely during every step of the custom aquarium design.

We also assist restaurants, nightclubs, and commercial properties in engineering and installing custom-designed aquariums into existing structures. There are no limitations on the size and type of aquariums that may be constructed. Custom aquarium design in South Florida.

Magnificent Aquariums manufactures its own coral reef product to enhance the experience. No paint is used in our reef products. They are custom-made to fit any aquarium size. It is true to color across the entire length of the piece. The carefully planned color scheme will not be altered by scratching or brushing. This eliminates costly repaints and remakes. There are no two fishtanks alike and each one is a perfect silent world.

Magnificent Aquariums custom coral pieces are custom-made to fit any aquarium size. This gives each project a unique look. The aquarium’s unique hanging reef transforms the shape and space to create a three-dimensional experience that simulates underwater diving. Even the Fish and living saltwater organisms believe it’s real!

Magnificent Aquariums’ simulated coral reef allows for real animal interaction. This less stressful environment encourages fish life, and each aquarium is able to experience the ocean in your own home or business setting. If you have any questions about custom aquarium design, call Magnificent Aquariums. 954-818-1799

Custom Aquarium Design

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