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Jellyfish Aquarium

In recent years the Jellyfish Aquarium has become the hottest trend for custom ornamental aquariums. Magnificent Aquariums is one of the pioneering specialist for a custom Jellyfish Aquarium whether for home, restaurant, or on public display as artwork. We supply a variety of jellyfish for the aquariums but have found the moon jellyfish to be durable while also being the most beautifully stunning. Soothing movements and mesmerizing forms become the main attraction for their environment. Adding elements of light and floating display stands and more will make your custom JellyFish Aquarium the focal point of any room. In this residential example we utilized a 120 gallon sphere JellyFish Aquarium that is absolutely one of a kind and actually the first ever of its kind.

Our Custom Jellyfish Aquariums are created specifically for Jellyfish. Water flow is designed to flow optimally and exactly mimic their natural swimming environment. We source our Jellyfish from certified breeding facilities and choose the perfect specimens to bring your Jellyfish tank to life in the most vibrant manner. Magnificent Aquariums stands by their services and products and can help with the routine maintenance to keep your Jellyfish healthy and happy.

How do Jellyfish eat?

Pictured you see the Moon Jellyfish with food in its feeding arms in the stomach.

Jellyfish Aquarium












Jellyfish are essentially resourceful feeders that are opportunistic and will consume any type of zooplankton (critters from the sea) if it is the right size.  From larvae, fish eggs, small crustaceans and other gelatinous critters, Jellyfish are not picky eaters and probably one of the main reasons they have existed for over six hundred million years. Other factors come into play when determining how much a Jellyfish eats such as the length and number of tentacles along with their stinging cells plus the umbrella shape of their bell. Next time you are feeding your jellyfish watch when the JellyFish pulses – a micro current is created around their bell that brings zooplankton closer into contact with the Jellyfish’s tentacles.

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Most Jellyfish feed distinctly different from fish and are suspension feeders that specialize in the collection of food particles that float and basically gather them by running into them. The box jellyfish is in a class by itself as they have eyes that have developed well enough so that they look upward towards the surface of the water at all times and have even been shown to mark terrestrial landmarks where known food lives. A good example is the box Jellyfish that inhabits the lagoons in Puerto Rico near La Parguera. The box Jellyfish feed on copepods that congregate in the sun rays that filter through the mangrove canopy. Sometimes the ocean currents will suck the box Jellyfish away from the nutrient rich lagoons. When this happens they search for and rapidly swim back towards the mangrove canopy. Otherwise they would be in jeopardy of starving to death if they stray too far from home. I would say that is quite extraordinary for a creature that is spineless and brainless.

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Jellyfish Aquarium

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