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Fish Tank Repairs

Fish Tank Repairs

Even if you have a private residence, business, zoo, or public exhibit, if you have a fish tank, it will need the appropriate fish tank repairs and maintenance every so often. A beautiful fish tank is not only functional but a work of art, especially if you want to work it into a calming reception area, a themed restaurant, or an engaging exhibit or zoo.


Magnificent Aquariums works hand in hand with decorators and architects to integrate not only the visual aspects of your fish tank repairs or custom-designed aquarium but also minimize the impact the life-support system will have on your decor.


The types of tanks that we can create for you include:

  • Artificial tanks which are sculpted to look like a natural formation under the sea. You can choose the size, color, and realistic corals to create a life-like living ocean environment. This means you can have all the benefits of a beautiful undersea environment without the hassle of having to care for living creatures.

  • Living reef, which have beautiful fish and colorful patterns that complement their natural splendor. These, of course, would have to be fed as they are living creatures. While this is most appropriate for a zoo, or even a private residence, a living reef can still make a great first impression in any setting. The fish are mesmerizing, they can make your employees’, clients’, or even patrons’ day more bearable by providing an interesting addition to your office.

  • Reef tanks, which offer a chance to view some of nature’s most amazing sights. This includes anemones, living corals, vibrant clams, painted shrimp, and crawling crabs. Reef tanks provide similar benefits to the living reef, since it does have real living creatures in it, with the added bonus that it is more low-maintenance on your part since shrimp can go months without feeding as long as the tank is infested with well-matured algae.

Shark lagoon, which is basically a saltwater pond built into the ground. We work with pool companies to get the concrete poured like a swimming pool and then handle the rest. These lagoons can house sharks, stingrays, and other marine life. These tend to be very useful for education spaces.

Weekly fish tank repairs and maintenance is a simple and hassle-free way to keep your marine aquarium healthy and pristine, and Magnificent Aquariums can offer a professionally trained staff to handle it.

If you have any questions about owning a custom aquarium call Magnificent Aquariums today. 954-818-1799

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