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Custom Designed Aquariums

Custom Designed Aquariums

Magnificent Aquariums provides beautiful and modern luxury custom-designed aquariums sure to envoke a sense of calm and wonder.

We have turned to the admiration of marine life for the purpose of relaxation and appreciation for a long time, centuries even. Everything from the array of brilliant and beautiful colors, to the act of graceful movement, and of course the beauty of active life itself all envoke powerful and often calming emotions in us. Being able to observe these animals in a comfortable, well-structured habitat that provides freedom, space, and a healthy lifestyle is a key to their ongoing contentment. It’s no secret that animals that are satisfied with their surroundings tend to display better more social behavior and show off their beauty to us more.

Preserving the wonder and beauty of marine life is just is one of the many reasons why Magnificent Aquariums specializes in Custom Designed Aquariums. This is not your typical pet store purchase which you can take home and place gently on a proper shelf. While these smaller aquariums may be suitable for some, real marine life enthusiasts who are truly concerned about both the animal’s habitat, as well as the aesthetic benefits the aquarium provides, will look to Magnificent Aquariums Custom designed aquariums.

Our design experts will be able to plan out an aquarium suited specifically for the marine life you intended to home, as well as the specifications of the area and home the aquarium will be installed in. This of course includes design and discussion/explanation of the life support system being used to filter and provide fresh water and oxygen to and through the aquarium. Additionally, your location will have certain electrical and structural requirements and limitations that absolutely need to be taken into account during this process. Don’t worry, as our experts have a passion for this, it’s why we do what we do. Your home and your marine family are in good hands.

It’s because of our passion that we know we cant accomplish this kind of project alone. We can and will work directly with your architects and interior designers to come up with a plan that maximizes the effectiveness, and use of space required by your aquarium.

If you, like us, have a passion for incredible design and appreciate fish and marine life then we want to work with you to create something truly special. No other organization can provide you with what will be quite literally the perfect fit for an aquarium in your home. But we don’t just stop at luxury home aquarium design, we also work with hotels, businesses, restaurants, educational touch tanks, and world-class zoo exhibits, our reputation precedes us and we are proud of what we do.
If you have any questions about owning a custom aquarium call Magnificent Aquariums today. 954-818-1799

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