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Custom Designed Aquarium

Custom Designed Aquarium

A custom designed aquarium can fit a wide variety of spaces, whether a reception area of a doctor’s office or even an educational institution. You can even have a home aquarium to keep pet fish in or to have an aesthetically pleasing environment to look at. Keeping up with a home aquarium can be daunting, though. You have to be aware of many things including having your tap water tested for pH, alkalinity, nitrate and phosphate to make sure it is acceptable for aquarium use, having the appropriately sized aquarium for your experience level, and letting the custom designed aquarium run for a few days before even purchasing the fish that go in it.


If you wish to have living creatures in the aquarium, you should always do your research in order to know if you have the right food, environment, or even skill level to maintain them. This also goes for any equipment you need. Changing filter cartridges once a month and checking them weekly is crucial as well as feeding your fish a variety of flake, pellet, and frozen foods.


It’s just as important to make sure you avoid certain things when it comes to maintaining an aquarium, such as tearing down the aquarium completely to clean it. This can destroy the biological balance in the tank. You shouldn’t leave the aquarium light on 24/7. This not only stresses your fish but can lead to excessive algae growth, and nor should you place your aquarium near a sunny window or somewhere drafty.


Choosing the right kind of fish for your tank is also very important and requires a lot of research ahead of time. If you buy a fish too impulsively, you might end up with a fish that has outgrown its tank or are incompatible with the existing inhabitants of the tank. In fact, adding too many fish at once can stress them out or even greatly outbalance the environment, and overcrowding can lead to fish fighting each other.


When it comes to our professional custom designed aquarium service, Magnificent Aquariums provides our clients with an artist’s conceptual drawing of the aquarium you are thinking of having. Once approved, we work side by side with interior designers and architects to build a custom cabinet for your ideal design.


That in combination with our Life Support System, which is what conditions the water and maintains water quality for the long-term survival of marine life, there is no better choice than a custom designed aquarium by Magnificent Aquariums. If you have any questions or concerns please call us at 954-818-1799.

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